Our Team

Aisha Awan

Co-founder & Lead Matchmaker

Aisha founded Linkshia at a very young age. Born in Lahore and moved to the USA 20 Years ago. Since Aisha has been exposed to both the east and west, she understand the importance of a good cultural relationship. She has her degree from John Hopkins University. Aisha has a passion for helping people. In her teens she was the go to match maker in her family. Aisha soon discovered the happiness and joy that comes along with helping people find their soul-mate. Aisha now has clients all over the world who love her personality and the comfort she provides with her every interaction.

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Lead Matchmaker

Sana is from originally from Karachi. Currently, Sana lives in Oklahoma and works out of Linkshia main branch. She has lived in a few states along the east coast and had the opportunity to live overseas a few years.. She joined with Linkshia after witnessing firsthand the difficulties Muslim minorities and reverts face when looking for marriage. She became passionate about helping address these difficulties and saw Linkshia as the perfect medium to do so. She is excited to help connect single Muslims primarily based on faith and compatibility without being constrained by ethnic boundaries.



Uzma spent her early childhood in Michigan and the later years in Connecticut. She has her Bachelors in Health Sciences from the University of Michigan. She has 2 awesome kids. Matchmaking started off as a hobby and went on to being a personal duty. She hopes to make this her consistent contribution to the Muslim community.



Adnan Markets Linkshia by developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns. He has a Bachelors in Marketing and is working on his MBA from University of Baltimore. He has been involved in matchmaking for the past few years, and regularly networks with other matchmakers throughout the country.



She was raised on the East coast, and has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a master's degree in Education. As a former teacher, Samina enjoys spending time with family and friends. She has been matchmaking for the past few years, and regularly networks with other matchmakers throughout the country.


Personal Assistant

Farah works with Aisha and Sana to help families/individuals to come together. She has a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Texas. She loves being part of Linkshia. She wishes to learn form the expert matchmaker and eventually become a matchmaker.